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Power by : avadeve.eu

Give the purest nutriment to your skin ...

17 Premium virgin
      butter & oils
      from all around the world


Rediscover the power of plant with our exclusive organic formulas with no water "without oil Palm...

Our formulas are organic and 

100% Active ...

Workshops & classes featuring selection of extra virgin oils & butter

• 100% of ingredients and biological origins or guaranteed wild

• 100% of assets: little or no excipient *

• Priority to artisanal production and biodynamic.

• In all our formulas. O% water (H2O) or refined oils, esterified, mineral, animal and where petrochemical (lanolin, isopropyl palmitate, petrolatum, paraffin ...).


Assets: plant extracts, exclusively organic virgin vegetable oils, unrefined, not deodorized, not heated and possibly essential oils chemotyped.

Procurement: selected raw materials and purchased the extent possible by the standards of fair and equitable trade and according to criteria of Life Cycle Assessment and environmental impact.


Excipients: oils, waxes and butters plants not deodorized, unheated ...

Emulsifiers and Surfactants: from plants by natural processes (no intervention synthesis and petrochemical products)

Stabilizer: Unsaponifiables, saturated fatty acids in butter, natural waxes and organic

Conservatives and bacterial-static: organic essential oils or extracts chemotyped BIO exclusively ...


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