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Power by : avadeve.eu

This balm is distinguished from creams, milk and other external and superficial classics skin care,

by a rich and vitaminized hydration and moizturizing of the deep layers of the epidermis.
0% water (H2O) therefore 0% of chemical preservatives or synthesis ...
100% of assets.
An unrefined, wild and organic shea butter certified ECOCERT. Organic virgin oils called "dry" and natively very vitaminized (Baobab, Jojoba / Apricot kernels / Coconut). Vegetable, organic and biodynamic macerates concoction. (Calendula / Aloe/ Urucum ).
By those complex of vegetable oils and bio-dynamic essential oil, your skin regains its original beauty. 
An exclusive synergy, 100% vegetable that will strengthen the dermatological action by stimulating in depth the anti-aging action of the skin.

ETERN'ELLE BAUM 50ml English description

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  • Uses: Face and eye contour

    These ancestral oils have exceptional qualities, have a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-stress endothelial cells, responsible for leukocyte recruitment and oxidation by free radicals in the skin.
    This balm is therefore recommended for combination to very dry skin. Which are damaged and dehydrated.
    It brings a repairing and precious care which will relieve your irritations, will favor the cicatrization, the regeneration, the maintenance and the protection of the most fragile skins. While restoring the hydro-lipidic film.
    No preservatives, no dyes, no alcohol, at least 95% of the total ingredients are of certified organic origins and 5% of wild and organic origins but not certified.

    Instructions for use
    Thoroughly melt and warm in the hands a small tab before applying on the face from the middle to the outside.