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Essences & Légendes works directly
with producers in order to offer
authentic and genuine products.

Our Story / 

The ointment Manufacture was born by enthusiasm and passion for the vegetable world of an international expert in cosmetic formulation and a gourmet chief cooker lovers of protocols and knacks, fascinated by the natural ingredients and  cosmetovigilance gnosis (studies on the history of medicinal plants used in cosmetics).


In 2005, they met in Egypt, during a private trip at Saqqara (where the first pyramid was built, that of King Djoser, during the IIIrd Dynasty).

During a group visit and a combination of circumstances worthy of Indiana Jones. They find themselves on a fresco, the ancestral form of a 100% natural masterful ointment

composed of a unique and amazing mixture of waxes, butters and strictly vegetable oils.


One of them has been identified as definitely: Jojoba. But this plant was non-existent and yet completely unknown in North Africa and at that time ...

This find, beyond revive an old controversy archaeologists on transcontinental trade between South America and Africa before the landing of the Spaniards, also brings a message to permissive policies and scientists specialized formulation that strives to provide for the care of skin ointments with strictly as assets of animal origin,

synthetic, petrochemical and in all care products for skin and hair (whale oil, lanolin (sheep's wool), petrolatum and paraffin (petrochemicals).


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